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Reminder to license your cats and dogs

Official deadline has passed

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Now is the time for La Crosse County residents to make sure their cats and dogs are licensed. In fact, the official deadline passed on January 31.

Officials say there is a grace period until April 1, however if there is an incident, you risk receiving a citation.

It's a state requirement that every dog more than 5 months old be licensed, though the fees are determined by each municipality.

Susan "Amiie" Gabrilska is the senior humane officer for La Crosse County. She says there are a number of reasons to license your animal besides avoiding a fine.

"If indeed your animal would be lost it's a quick and easy way to get that animal reunited," says Gabrilska, "if your animal is injured and animal control picks up your dog or your cat and it's been injured in the middle of the night and now we have to get it to a veterinary clinic, we have no way of knowing what kind of treatment options you may want."


Cats also need to be licensed in La Crosse, Onalaska, Campbell, Shelby, and Rockland. That is a choice made by each municipality.

To get a license, you can apply at your Municipal Clerk's office. You can also call the county animal control department with any questions.

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