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Record number of students taking part in Wisconsin's open enrollment

Holmen School District projected to lose 70 students

Wisconsin Open Enrollment

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A record number of students are taking advantage of Wisconsin's open enrollment option.

Open enrollment allows students throughout the state to attend a school district outside of their own.

That number has grown from 2,464 students in 1998 when the program first began to 44,678 during the 2012-13 school year.

    In La Crosse County, three of the five school districts could see an increase in students entering their schools this fall:

              * La Crosse School District +18 students
              *Onalaska School District +72 students
              *West Salem School District +29 students

However, two of the districts could be losing students. In Holmen, that number is projected to be a loss of 70 kids.

The District Administrator says this isn't a new trend. "We for years have been a district that has experienced more requests to go out of our school district through open enrollment vs. coming in. But in the end too, we continue to be a growing school district," said Dale Carlson.

He also says one of the reasons families continue to move to Holmen is for the school district.

He says parent surveys show many families open enroll out of the district for convenience.

48% of the students leaving are entering 4-year-old kindergarten. Those families chose to enroll their children in a daycare 4-K program closer to their work and outside of their community.

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