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Recall voters won't get a straight answer on investigation

WHITEHALL, Wis. – In one week, Wisconsin voters will decide whether Gov. Scott Walker gets to keep his job in a historic recall election.

But, by that time, voters still won't know the outcome of a criminal investigation into people he used to work with when he was Milwaukee County Executive.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney has leveled criminal charges against five of Walker's former staffers.

In television ads and campaign speeches, Democratic challenger Tom Barrett has been calling on Walker to be upfront with what he knows. That includes releasing emails that are part of the investigation.

But Walker said the DA has told him he's not legally allowed to talk about the details.

"We have to follow the rules, and the rules are clear. They've asked us not to comment on it until they're completed. So, Tom Barrett knows that. He's a lawyer. He's just trying to desperately point out anything so people don't talk about how our record of reform has been working in Wisconsin," said Walker.


"The only person who says Scott Walker cannot talk is Scott Walker. The prosecutors have never said publicly that they've asked him to not talk, said Barrett Campaign Communications Director Phil Walzak. "This is another example of how Scott Walker is stonewalling. He's using that argument as a shield."

Somebody doesn't have their facts straight, but who?

News 8 called up the Milwaukee County DA's office to find out, but they will not say whether they told Walker to keep quiet about the investigation or whether he faces legal ramifications if he does talk publicly about it.

So it doesn't look like voters are going to get a straight answer to that one before the recall election.

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