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Recall candidates hit the ground running

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. -- Wisconsin is getting ready for a rematch.

Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will face off again in next month's recall election.

Walker and Barrett have less than a month to get their campaign messages across to voters. Wednesday, they hit the ground running.

When asked if he feels like he's having political deja vu, Walker replied, "Well, you know, it's interesting. I think it gives people a different taste now ... The mayor, when we campaigned the last time, tried to imply certain things about what we would do, imply cuts that would be made, and the truth of the matter is those haven't happened."

"Two years ago, he didn't have a state record to talk about. Now he has a state record. It's a state record he does not want to talk about," said Barrett.

Barrett, who lost to Walker by a slim margin in 2010, is trying to get his message across that this time around will be different.

"Well, 2010 is not 2012, and I think the major difference is people now have an understanding of Scott Walker's divide and conquer approach to government," said Barrett.

Walker is firing back with his message that while he wants to move Wisconsin forward, electing Barrett will be a step backward.


"I think it's going to be hard for the mayor to defend his policies, which have moved Milwaukee backwards, and arguably would do the same thing. They would Milwaukee-ize the state of Wisconsin, which I don't think anybody wants," said Walker.

"In terms of his attacks on my record, of course he's attacking my record. Because he knows he cannot defend his record. He knows that the state of Wisconsin in 2011, under his leadership, lost more jobs than any other state in this country," said Barrett.

Walker said being in constant campaign mode for the last 15 months has been taking him away from his duties as governor.

"Yeah, it's unfortunate. It's not only that, but it's the millions of dollars that's wasted that taxpayers could be spending on other things, but instead has to be spent on these recalls," said Walker.

Barrett has challenged the governor to four debates about jobs before the June 5 recall election. Walker says two will do just fine.

Walker predicts there will be a debate for lieutenant governor as well.

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