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Readstown approves two law enforcement referendums

READSTOWN, Wis. -- A Wisconsin community that recently saw its police chief arrested on misconduct charges approves two referendums related to police services.

Readstown had two advisory referendum questions on the Tuesday ballot. One asked whether the village should continue to have its own police department, while a second question asked whether law enforcement services should be provided through a contract with the Vernon County Sheriff's Department.

The first question was approved 52-37, and the second question was approved 47-28.

Readstown Police Chief Shay Larson was arrested in March on charges of misconduct in office and using his position as chief to gain sexual favors.


Larson was charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy, but those charges were dropped Wednesday.

Village Clerk Shawna Koch tells News 8 the Readstown Village Board will ultimately have the final say on the referendum issues. Koch says the issues have not yet been added to the next board meeting agenda.

Koch says Village Board Chair Chad Larson retained his seat in Tuesday's election, but two village trustees lost. The new trustees will begin April 17.

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