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Principal eats his words after students reach fundraising goal

ONALASKA, WI (WKBT) - Ten lucky students got to take some sweet revenge on their principal.

Students at St. Paul's Lutheran in Onalaska collected more than 7,500 box tops for education. Their reward was throwing pies at the principal.

One kid from every grade was randomly selected and took aim. And they weren't just plates of whipped cream either. "It had a little bit of apple pie filling and some gummy worms and sprinkles on it, and then little did I know that it would have chocolate whipped cream on the top, which made it a little messier," said Principal Bob Wiegman.

"They were really excited and they were all screaming 'hit him in the face,' so I threw it as hard as I could at his face," said 7th grader Abigail Peterson.

The principal hasn't ruled out doing this again some time in the future.


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