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Police: Only use legal fireworks

Illegal fireworks could bring citations, fines

Police: Use legal fireworks

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - If you're putting on a fireworks show of your own Friday night to celebrate the Fourth of July, the La Crosse Police Department asks you to only use legal fireworks.

Things like snakes and sparklers are just fine, but when you start talking about fire crackers, bottle rockets or Roman Candles, you can run into trouble unless you have a permit from the city.

"If the firework leaves the ground or explodes, it's illegal," said Lt. Pat Hogan of the La Crosse Police Department. "And then even though, if you're using legal fireworks, be thoughtful of your neighbors out there, and don't be using them late at night."

If police find you with those illegal fireworks, they will be confiscated and you'll face a fine and citation.

Law enforcement and doctors say they just want everyone to be safe.

"If you're going to use fireworks, don't drink, use common sense, and make sure children are well supervised," said Dr. John Pershing, an ER physician with Gundersen Health System.

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