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Police: Man threatens to kill dad on Facebook

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A 24-year-old man made threats on Facebook that he was going to kill his dad, according to a La Crosse police report.

The report states on December 30, Kaleb Brush and his dad were at the George Street Pub in La Crosse when they saw strangers get in a fight. Brush was going to join in, but his father stopped him and they had a discussion about how much Kaleb drinks, according to the police report.

Police say Brush went home on North Street in La Crosse and wrote on his Facebook page that he was going to kill his dad when he arrived home. The post was as follows: "im gonna kill my dad I promise you that I already got a knife in my pocket waiting for him to come home and anyone who else intervenes."

Police say one of his Facebook friends saw the post and called police. Brush also commented on his Facebook post, saying "my father will be dead in the morning and no one will stop it I promise you that."

When officers arrived, they found Brush and his dad arguing in the entryway. Brush had the knife on him and dropped it on the floor, trying to hide it, according to the police report. Brush initialy told the poilce offcer that he never had a weapon, he never posted anything on Facebook that night and he was never in an argument with anyone that night, according to the police report.


Once the officer called Brush out on his lies one-by-one, he admitted to each one. The police report states Brush did not want to fight, but he wanted to break it up. Brush also told the officer that he was just blowing off steam when he posted on his Facebook wall that he was going to murder his father, but he didn't really mean it.

Brush told police he always kept a knife on him for protection because "who knows when you've been drinking." Brush later submitted to a preliminary breath test and registered .115.

Brush's father told police he did not read the Facebook postings where his son threatened to kill him and he did not know his son had a knife. He also told police he was not threatened by his son, according to the police report.

Brush is facing a disorderly conduct while armed charge. A La Crosse County judge set a $500 signature bond for Brush Wednesday afternoon.

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