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Police continue to seek suspect in Black River Falls homicide

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. - Black River Falls police are now calling a woman's death a homicide.

Police said Angela Nelson, 34, was killed inside a rental property on the 300 block of Chestnut Street.

They are not saying how she died, but said it was not from natural causes.

They're still looking to question the man Nelson was living with, Michael Harmon.

Police said he may be armed and is considered dangerous. Police are now calling Harmon a suspect.

"Division of Criminal Investigation has agents out there working to try and locate him," said John Christophersen, investigator with the Black River Falls Police Department. "We have also notified via teletype and telephone agencies in the southern part of the state."

Police said Harmon may be traveling with his ex-girlfriend, Billie Jo Harwick, but they're not saying if she's his accomplice or being held against her will.


Her family said there's no way she could be his accomplice.

"I just hope and pray that he hasn't harmed Billie," said Alice Luther, Harwick's mother.

The past few days have been nothing but agony for Luther and her best, friend Ann Schoolcraft.

"We don't know where she is or how she is," said Luther.

They filed a missing person's report for her Tuesday after dozens of calls and texts went unanswered. They said that was when they knew something was wrong.

"We were expecting to speak to her Sunday evening and those calls never came and then all communication stopped," said Schoolcraft.

Then Monday night, Schoolcraft received two phone calls. She said it was Harwick.

"She just said, ‘I don't have much time' and I said, ‘Where are you? What do you see?' and there was a lot of, 'I don't knows' and the line goes dead," said Schoolcraft.

They said if Harwick is traveling with Harmon she didn't go willingly.

"She has a heart of gold," said Luther. "She'll do anything for any family member or friend or even a stranger. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body."

Then just as we were about done with our interview they get an important phone call.

"It's Mike," Luther said while on the phone.

On the other end is Michael Harmon. He tells Luther he's going to let Harwick go and that she's not involved in any way. Then after about five minutes he hangs up.

"(I feel) guarded relief I think," said Schoolcraft.

They still don't know where the two are or when they'll be coming back, but that brief phone call gives them hope Harwick will be home soon safe and sound.

"I hope it's not a trick," said Schoolcraft. "I hope it's true and that she is on her way."

News 8 did ask the family about the relationship between Harwick and Harmon.
They said they had their ups and downs like any couple, but they never noticed anything unusual.

Police are still looking for Harmon.

The two may be traveling in a 2002 white Legacy Outback with license plate 521-TJR.
Police said Harmon is considered dangerous and could be armed.

If you see them, police urge you to call 911 or the Black River Falls police at 715-284-9155.


Black River Falls police are still trying to locate a "person of interest" in a homicide that took place on the 300 block of Chestnut Street Sunday.

Police are looking for Michael Harmon, the last known person to have contact with the victim, 34-year-old Angela Nelson.

Nelson's body was found in the bathtub of rental property where she was staying at 339 1/2 Chestnut St. Police have not released the cause of death.

Black River Falls police said Harmon may be with 32-year-old Billie Jo Harwick. They may be traveling in a 2002 white Legacy Outback with the license plate: 521TJR. Police said Harmon may be armed, so if you see him, do not approach him.

Law enforcement agencies in the southern part of the state are also looking for Harmon, Harwick and the Legacy Outback.

If you have information about where Harmon may be, contact the Black River Falls Police Department at 715-284-9155.

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