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Pet adoption event at Valley View Mall

LA CROSSE, WI - Shoppers at Valley View Mall could take home more than some new clothes or trinkets.

The Coulee Region Humane Society set up an onsite adoption event near Sears.

About 30 animals are at the mall, hoping someone would see them and want to take them home.

It's the first time the humane society has had an event like this at the mall. And within the first hour and a half, five pets were adopted.

They say they were willing to try this event because of the overpopulation of cats and other animals in need. "It's fulfilling for the animal, but also for the person that's adopting the pet, and we have so many animals who are in need of a good home and this is a perfect opportunity to add one to your life," said Liz Meil from the humane society.

The event continues Saturday from one until five in the afternoon.


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