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Person with ties to UW-L diagnosed with tuberculosis

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A rare disease is found in someone associated with UW-La Crosse.

Health officials confirmed Thursday that someone associated with the university has tuberculosis. It has not been confirmed if it's a student or staff member.

TB is an infection in the lungs that comes with a cough, unexplained fevers, and weight loss.

The person was put into quarantine at a local hospital last week when test results showed they likely had the disease.

TB is contagious, but a doctor says they are much more likely to see late winter colds. "We really never jump to tuberculosis, we would worry more about pertussis, which has been in our state that gives you a chronic cough, than we would worry about tuberculosis," said Dr. Brian Allen of the UW-L Student Health Center.

The county health department notified people who may be at risk and encouraged them to get tested. Health officials say there is no threat to the public.


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