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Perceived threat at La Crosse schools is a misunderstanding

"Guns at School" refers to a band

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Students and parents in the La Crosse School District expressed concern over a number of social media posts regarding about "Guns at School."

While it appears to be a threat, it is actually a reference to a punk rock band playing at a downtown venue on Friday night.

On Tuesday, school district administrators cleared the air.  Superintendent Randy Nelson, while sitting alongside La Crosse Central and Logan principals and a member of the La Crosse Police, says there is nothing to be worried about.


"This, I think is a classic example of how things can go viral and misinformation occurs," says Nelson, "we want our students and our parents and our community to know that our schools are safe."

The La Crosse Police Department is continuing to monitor the situation, even with the belief that there is no threat.

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