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Pedestrian-bike safety grant yields positive results in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, WI - High visibility policing for pedestrian and bike safety wrapped up in La Crosse.

The police department got about $10,000 in grant money from the Department of Transportation to step up enforcement of those laws this year.

In nearly 20 deployments, officers issued 400 warnings and citations. Most were warnings given to drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians in cross walks.

A Lieutenant says safety was the ultimate message of the patrols, and the community heard it. "From January through the end of July, we've seen about a 50% reduction in our bicycle and pedestrian crashes form last year, so hopefully with this increased enforcement and some increased education out there, we can reduce those instances from happening in the city of La Crosse," said Lt. Pat Hogan.

He hopes the city can earn the grant again next year.


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