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Packers-Vikings rivalry benefits school's food pantry

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - The Packers and Vikings may have tied this weekend, but a different competition between the teams appears to have a winner.

The student council at Lincoln Middle School in la Crosse started a food drive last week. They hoped the border rivalry would be the spark needed to fill the school's food pantry.

Two barrels were placed at the school's entrance, one for the Vikings and one for the Packers.

An official count won't be done until Wednesday, but the student council's social chair says the Packers are ahead three barrels to two.

However, the real winner is the students in need. "If we don't have food in our food pantry, then we can't give students the food they need to be ready for school and for their after school activities," said Kayley Colburn.

The food drive wrapped up at the end of the school day Monday.


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