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Open enrollment numbers released for La Crosse

La Crosse receives 100 applications for new students

Open Enrollment Numbers

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Final numbers are in for Wisconsin families applying for open enrollment next fall. 

The La Crosse School District has received more than 100 new applications from families looking to transfer into the district.

There are 86 applicants applying out of the district. That's down from the 100 families who applied last year.

The district is still sorting out applications, but says the number of applicants does not accurately represent the number of students who will be attending classes next year.

"When a family makes an application, they can apply up to three school districts. So, while they might have applied to come to the School District of La Crosse, they could also apply to two others," said the district's Director of Business Services Janet Rosseter.

Parents who have already been approved for open enrollment do not need to re-apply next year. All applications will be approved by mid June.

For more information on the open enrollment process, check out the  Wisconsin Department of Instruction's website.

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