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Onalaska won't cut down all of its ash trees

ONALASKA, Wis. - The City of Onalaska is combating the emerald ash borer problem, but that doesn't mean cutting down all its ash trees.

The parks and rec department has already cut down about 30 trees that couldn't be saved, but they say there are about 60 to 70 more that are in excellent condition. Those trees will be injected with a special liquid that will protect them from the ash borer for three years.

It will cost about $14 per tree. The city has about 400 trees in their parks and while they can't all be saved, city leaders say it's worth it to try and save some.

"The amount of time and money it takes to get that forest canopy established again takes a lot of money, so trying to keep what we have and then slowly build up the rest of it is the most cost effective," said David Lein, with the Onalaska Parks and Rec Department.

The injections will start in early spring. There are more ash trees along the roadside, but the streets department will have to decide which ones are worth saving.


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