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Onalaska Luther students experience mock crash

ONALASKA, Wis.-- Some high school students in our area saw first-hand what can happen when alcohol and driving mix.

The Onalaska police and fire departments staged a mock car crash at Luther High School in Onalaska Friday. The goal was to help prevent future crashes and show students what can happen if they make poor decisions.

Four students took part by pretending to be two couples on a date when the car crashed.

The Onalaska fire chief says he hopes having the student's classmates involved in the mock crash will help the message sink in. "They saw it, they heard it, they were observing crackling glass, their classmates being removed from the vehicle, one classmate that had passed away from trauma, so yeah it's a way to really bring it home," says Onalska Fire Chief Don Dominick.

Chief Dominick says emergency crews responded just like they would to a real crash.

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