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Onalaska high school students host blood drive

Students Hold Blood Drive

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A blood drive hosted by a group of Onalaska Students Tuesday had residents lining up to donate. 

Students from the National Honor Society hosted a blood drive at Onalaska High School.

The group worked as donation aides assisting fellow students and community members who donated.

Several blood drives were canceled earlier this year because of the harsh winter which caused a major blood shortage in our area.

Organizers say the blood drive is a great way for students to learn the importance of giving back in times of need. "I think it's nice to get the students thinking about serving the community and how they can help, how they can make a difference early in their lives. They learn that service piece so they can continue on in the rest of their lives." said Onalaska high school counselor Beth Gamoke.

Every donation counts. Red Cross officials say one donor can save almost three lives with their donation.

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