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Oktoberfest, city revisit fees

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Oktoberfest is getting a better idea of just how much the city might charge for next year's festival.

The Board of Public Works took at look Monday at how much work the city put in during last year's event.

They've already proposed charging Oktoberfest $11,000 in 2013 to cover things like clean-up and parade route barricades. That is in addition to the $14,000 the La Crosse Police Department is charging the fest.

Oktoberfest wants to make sure if they are charged any extra fees that they are being treated the same way as other events being held in the city. "We're looking for some consistency, I think it's only fair that whoever gets charged gets charged the same way and that that's how they find out numbers versus picking something out of thin air," said Oktoberfest Executive Director Tina Severson.


"Whatever we're charging other groups, we should be using that same formula, if you will, to determine what it's going to cost Oktoberfest," said council member Dick Swantz.

Oktoberfest can offset the cost by providing volunteers to help the city.

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