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Newly renovated properties helping adults with disabilities

Independent Living for Disabled Adults

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Newly renovated properties in La Crosse are helping adults with disabilities live more independently.

The property, leased by Four Loon's LLC,  gives residents a safe and secure place to live alone and care for themselves.

The three bedroom home on Sugar Pine Lane in La Crosse is one level and is completely accessible to anyone with a disability.

On-site staff from Riverfront Incorporated will be there around the clock to teach residents about nutrition, cooking, and personal safety.

The staff says it's the excitement in the new residents' faces which makes Monday's move-in so special. "It's very exciting, you know Laverne's smile, kind of says it all, and Don's too because he doesn't smile you know very much. He is a man of few words but he is very happy today," said Ann Rendler from Riverfront.

Riverfront Incorporated and Four Loons LLC are in the process of building eight log homes on the property for temporary residents to stay. 

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