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New program prepares La Crosse area high-schoolers for college

Advancement Via Individual Determination program teaches students various skills

New program prepares La Crosse area high-schoolers for college

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A new program will help La Crosse high school students be ready to go to college.

The Advancement Via Individual Determination program (AVID) will start this year.

The program teaches students specific reading, writing, note-taking, and leadership skills. It's being made possible by gifts and fundraising efforts from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, the La Crosse Community Foundation, and the Otto Bremer Foundation.

"The Foundations are very excited to be involved at this level in supporting our schools and supporting helping our students really reach out and achieve what their dreams are," said La Crosse Public Education Foundation Executive Director David Stoeffler.

Nationwide three out of the four students in AVID classes were accepted into college and about 90-percent of them are still in school two years after enrolling.

AVID said it's been especially helpful for students in the Academic middle, including those living in poverty, of color, or first generation high school graduates.

"Make sure they have the skills and access to high level rigorous courses so they can be ready for college, or two or four year college or whatever they want to do, but they will leave here better than when they came," said Central High School Principal Jeff Fleig.

Among the area high school 116 students will take the class this year. The goal is to have about 15-percent of the student body go through the course.

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