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New La Crosse Performing Arts Center unveils murals

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The new La Crosse Performing Arts Center won't be open for another two months, but Wednesday they unveiled some new murals.

The four large murals on the outside of the building are ten feet tall and represent the Greek muses of song, dance, comedy and tragedy.

The artist also incorporated things from the Coulee Region like the river and the bluffs.

The unveiling brings the theater one step closer to being finished. "We're right on schedule, it's getting everybody nervous about if we're going to make the deadline, but the construction crew knows what they are doing, they are professionals, and everytime we go in it's just exciting how much advance movement they've made," said the Community Theater's Executive Director David Kilpatrick.


The theater is 65 days away from opening which is scheduled for January. Tryouts for the next play, however, take place at the end of this month in the old theater.

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