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New business plan will keep Warehouse in downtown La Crosse open

LA CROSSE, WI - After the possibility of closing its doors after 22 years, the Warehouse lives to see another performance. 

The music venue was set to close in August because of financial difficulties but a possible partnership with a nonprofit will keep the venue open.

The plan is to create a non-profit organization called the Warehouse Alliance, which will rent the space from the owner.

Any donations to the Warehouse Alliance will be tax deductible.

The non-profit is still waiting on it's status approval, but the possibility will allow the Warehouse to continue to be a safe place for teens to go downtown.


"Really what he has been doing is giving kids a place to express themselves, learn the ropes of the music business, volunteer learn how to be a good employee give them responsibility and he wanted to keep doing that and he needed help and he finally asked for help," said Warehouse Alliance Board Member Katie Stevenson.

This partnership isn't just important for owner of the Warehouse, underage musicians are also happy that they will have another place to perform besides a bar.

"I've played bars out of town and stuff and when I go and I do that they draw an x on my hand and after I play they kick me out and I can't be in the bar anymore. But when I play here, I can hang out, I can walk around and I can talk to people," said Warehouse performer Kyle Hauser.

For more information on how you can sponsor the Warehouse visit, http://www.warehouserocks.com/

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