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National Guard investigates 'inappropriate' pictures from soldiers' funerals

'Inappropriate' pictures, comments posted to social media

MADISON, Wis. - Officials with the Wisconsin National Guard learned through social media that a National Guard member may have been posting inappropriate pictures of herself and other guard members during the funerals of fallen soldiers.

Around 6 p.m. Monday the Wisconsin National Guard released a statement on Facebook:

"It has come to the attention of the Wisconsin National Guard that a soldier may have posted inappropriate pictures and comments regarding their duties as a member of a Funeral Honor Guard. We are currently looking into the matter."

The matter in question appears to have stemmed from a private Instagram account. It shows a woman, who appears to be in the Honor Guard, taking selfies and complaining about the cold weather. The text that goes along with the picture reads, "Somebody's getting a jacked up flag."

Another picture shows a group of guard members huddled around a flag-draped casket and posing. It's captioned with, "We put the FUN in funeral--your fearless honor guard from various states..."

The National Guard said the casket in the picture was empty and the picture was taken during training.

There is also another picture collage of a cemetery, a meal and a selfie of the believed Honor Guard member. She called it "tailgating."

News 8's sister station, WISC talked with Maj. Paul Rickert, the director of public affairs for the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs. He said the guard just learned of the news via social media on Monday and is looking into the matter.

Outraged Facebook users say the guard member is Teresa Harrison. Rickert could only confirm that there is a Terry Harrison in the Honor Guard, but he could not confirm that Harrison posted the pictures. The National Guard said the person who posted the images is from Milwaukee.

"We are currently looking into this matter," Rickert said. "We just found out about this just this afternoon, so we're just starting to look into it." Rickert added that the Honor Guard takes the job of honoring fallen soldiers very seriously.

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