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More than 50 actors participate in American Civil War reinactment

COON VALLEY, WI - Norskedalen is bringing a piece of American history to life this weekend. 

The nature and heritage center gave people a unique look at how the civil war impacted the Coulee Region. 

The weekend focuses on area farm owners and civilians that were threatened by the war as the federal army advanced into the region. People were able to see a live re-enactment of the battles that took place during the war.

The re-enactors say the weekend is important for people to remember how the Civl War has impacted our nation.

"It's an era of history that I think as a nation we can't afford to let die out. There is so much of it from the civil war that is still with us today. And its just it's sort of like a never ending story," said Civil War Actor Bill Feuchtenberger.

More than 50 actors participated in the re-enactment.


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