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Money still available to help fix up home or property

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The city of La Crosse is offering homeowners money to fix up their houses, but much of it is going unused. It's part of a neighborhood improvement plan by the city.

If homeowners put on a new coat of paint or make exterior renovations, the city will reimburse them for up to $800.

The city started with $80,000 for the program. A little less than half of that remains.

The city isn't sure if homeowners don't know the money is available or can't afford to front the cash and wait for reimbursement. Some have even expressed concern their property taxes would go up, but general maintenance does not raise your taxes.

They say there are any number of projects you can do for the money. "I've had someone do a new garage door for their garage, I've had repainting, I've had new windows, I've had new siding, I've had someone replace some panels in their concrete walk that leads up to their front door from the public sidewalk, I think I had new fence pickets and repainting, things like that," said Tim Acklin from the city.

90 projects have already been approved for reimbursement.

For more information about the program, you can visit cityoflacrosse.org.

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