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Mock drunk driving crash filmed at Onalaska HS

'Pause' film to show dangers of teens drinking and driving

ONALASKA, WI - Rowe Park in Onalaska will be closed at 6 p.m. until filming of "Pause," a video about the dangers of teen drinking and driving is complete Tuesday night, around 10 p.m.

Event organizers say they're working on the film so area schools can use it as a teaching tool in case they can't do a mock crash on their own.

The Pause Project is a partnership between SoundFrame Studio, the Onalaska Hilltopper Rotary Club, the Onalaska Fire and Police Departments, and Gundersen Health System.

News 8's production team is helping film the mock crash. Former News 8 account executive KellyJo Brick wrote the script for the film, which tells the story of teens who were drinking and driving. They crash into a tree and narrowly miss another car.


On Sunday, crews filmed the interior car scenes with the four local high school actors. On Monday night, the crew crashed the car at the La Crosse Speedway with the help of a push truck to create the indent on the car to simulate it crashed into a tree.

On Tuesday night, the crew filmed the emergency response to the mock crash.

"I think it's the closest way to put teenagers in the situation, so I think it's a really good thing that they're doing, showing teenagers that this stuff really happens," said West Salem High School senior Shelby Cornell.

"The idea is to have students kind of pause and realize that the decisions that they make have real life, long term consequences," said Scott Davies, executive producer of The Pause Project.

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