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Mayo repurposes former Onalaska Clinic building

Special Procedures Clinic

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - Mayo Clinic Health System is re-opening a clinic in Onalaska for a specific purpose.

The Well Street clinic will be used only for vasectomies for men and contraceptive implants for women. And it will only be open on Fridays for patients who are referred there.

The clinic will fall under the Mayo Clinic Health System banner, separate from Franciscan Healthcare.

It's a way for the hospital to separate the procedures that challenge guidelines set for catholic healthcare services. "I think it's just the right thing for us to do. Because it follows with what patients are asking for, which is they want these procedures to be offered to them, but it's also following the catholic directives that our history and our heritage has followed since we were started in 1883," said MCHS Franciscan Healthcare Spokesperson Rick Thiesse.

The Well St. building was the site of Mayo's Onalaska Clinic until it moved to its new location in 2006.

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