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Mayo Clinic Health System expands in Holmen

HOLMEN, Wis. - Mayo Clinic Health System is offering new medical services in Holmen.

The health system recently completed renovations to the existing clinic.   

The renovation added 12 new exam rooms, two procedure rooms, one ultrasound room and provided space to expand the existing rehabilitation services.

The addition is an effort to be more convenient to patients. "What we have to think about is this is not just Holmen. We serve communities north of Holmen and then traveling even farther south past Holmen, this gives them a bit of a break. The ability to have physical therapy here and not have to travel. Even though Onalaska has wonderful services, people in this community like to stay within the community," said MCHS Patient Care Director Deb Cholewa.

The Holmen Clinic is also starting to provide prenatal care as well as a range of gynecology services.


The new gynecologist says while major surgeries will still have to be done in La Crosse, he is able to perform minor procedures. "Here people are much much younger. They do have a job that they can not come all the way down to La Crosse. So we're trying to target those young females to come over here with the convenience that doesn't need to travel so much," said Jun Koike, OBGYN.

The patient care director at Mayo says they are already researching what types of services they may add in the future.

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