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Lt. Governor candidates campaigning with jobs focus

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell campaigned in La Crosse Tuesday. Mitchell joined several local lawmakers on a small business tour.

He says understanding how small businesses work is key for lawmakers to help make these businesses successful.

Mitchell feels getting small business going in the state is one way to get the economy going. "Last year we lost almost 24,000 jobs, last month we lost 6,200 jobs and a month prior to that we lost 4,300 jobs so its time for us to get serious about job creation as opposed to just giving tax breaks to corporations and think that that's automatically going to transcend into job creation," said Mitchell.

Mitchell's competitor on the ballot, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch spent time in Oconomowoc Tuesday.

She says both herself and the governor have already proven they can focus on private sector job creation, they just need to be given the chance.


"We knew more jobs would be created toward the end of those four years, here we're back on the ballot after a year and five months so it's very tough to judge whats going to happen two and a half years from now as we're sitting here today," said Kleefisch.

The lieutenant governor has no constitutional responsibilities.

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