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Local students perform 'Imagine Compassion' song

Song incorporates School District of La Crosse's Compassion Project

Local students perform 'Imagine Compassion' song

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - At their Tuesday morning school assembly, students at Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary performed a new "Imagine Compassion" song.

Karla Wakeen wrote the song as a way of connecting the school's "imagine" theme with the School District of La Crosse's Compassion Project.

"How does that apply to our lives and how can kids feel like they're part of that?" Wakeen wondered when writing the song. "I personally believe that music has the power to change the world. I really do believe that, so I was thinking if they could sing a song and it would mean something to them, then they could express this and it would be a gift for their parents."

When she first introduced the song to her students, some of the kids liked it right away, but some thought it was kinda sappy.

"And it is and I understand that, but that's okay," Wakeen said. "The best was when we had our winter concerts and the whole school was singing it together and then I think they had the experience I was hoping they'd have: that by being part of something that big, they felt it more than they would just feel in the classroom."

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