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Local Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign donations down

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - The Red Kettle Campaign is off to a slow start in La Crosse and that has the Salvation Army concerned.

So far, just $40,000 has been collected this year. At the same time last year, they had $51,000.

Salvation Army officials say the fact that Thanksgiving was a week later this year could be affecting donations. Also, a lack of volunteer bell ringers is keeping donations down.

They're hoping for a big push the next few weeks because the campaign is so important to their organization. "It goes to fund almost every single program that we operate so the emergency shelter, the meal program, the social workers that meet with people and say, OK how do we help you get out of homelessness, all those programs these dollars are critical to helping support," said Julie Nelson from the Salvation Army.

To sign-up for bell ringing, just go to their website at www.bells2ring.org.


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