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Local Republican hoping to shatter stereotypes

LA CROSSE. Wis. - Julian Bradley is hoping his own story will shatter stereotypes and help make his party more inclusive.

"We need to make sure we are doing things year round that are inclusive," said Bradley, the chair of the La Crosse Republican Party and incoming vice-chair of the 3rd Congressional Republican Party.

Since last fall's election, Republican leadership has continued to say the party needs a big makeover after losing a large number of races across the country. Here is on our area, Julian Bradley is hoping to be that face of change.

"We need to start letting people know there are minorities that are part of the party. It's not just the exception," said Bradley, who says people are often surprised to learn he's a Republican.

The biracial 32-year-old is hoping to let people know the GOP is not just the party of white people and the wealthy.


Bradley has spent the last several weeks speaking at college campuses around the state. He delivered his "Shattering Stereotypes" presentation Tuesday night on the UW-La Crosse campus.

"A lot of times we will try to reach out but it comes in election years so it's viewed as pandering and insincere. And it's usually not (from) anybody that looks like me," said Bradley.

"I'm hoping people will be able to see me and say I believe him," he added.

His message fits right in line with what party leaders are saying. National chairman Reince Priebus has spent the last several months making the case that Republicans need a new game plan.

"The perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately, continues to grow. That's frustrating because we care about every voter," said Priebus, during a March speech.

Bradley hopes people see in him that you should never label anyone. If his message recruits more Republicans, he's fine with that too.  

"For me, shattering stereotypes is about shattering stereotypes. Period. I can just relate to the Republican party," said Bradley.

At this point, Bradley has not decided whether he will continue his speaking tour next school year.

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