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Local programs aims to get girls interested in science

Girls in Science program held at UW-L

Girls in Science

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Local middle school students had the chance to experience a college learning atmosphere over the weekend.

It's part of the 15th annual Girls in Science summer program offered at UW-L.

University faculty put together the event as well as teach during the workshops. It's offered through the UW-La Crosse Continuing Education and Extension. The programs main focus is to show students areas in science they might be interested in, and how to make science fun.

"We want them to be excited," said Susan Kelly from the UW-L Math Department, "we want them to be exposed to all kinds of science, math, engineering so they want to take more of it in high school until when they come to college they are prepared for anything,  they haven't shut any doors."

You can find out more about continuing education programs by heading to UW-L's website and typing youth programs into the search bar.

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