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Local officials and landlords come together to better La Crosse housing

Local officials and landlords come together to better La Crosse housing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Property owners are investing in a better La Crosse Saturday as they join with other organizations at the landlord training event.

Saturday's event brought landlords together with many different organizations: city personnel, county health educators, the La Crosse police department and the Apartment Association of the La Crosse area. Organizers goal was to promote a better relationship between landlords and tenants, and help create a better city.

La Crosse is known for its number of rental properties.

"Half of the property in the city is rental property," Pamela Strittmater, president of the Apartment Association of the La Crosse area.

With so many places for rent, landlords play an important part in the city's housing.

"Rental property owners have a very viable role in the city of La Crosse, as investors in the city of La Crosse," Strittmater said.

Saturday's landlord training event invited people from across the county to take a closer look into all things rental properties.

"There's a rationale for why rules are made the way they are, and it really is to promote the health and the safety of the residence of the city of La Crosse and the greater La Crosse area," Paula Silha, health education manager for La Crosse County Health Department.

Participants learned about many landlord issues, including new garbage and recycling ordinances, state tenant laws, how to make their property smoke free.

"We are the most regulated industry in the state of Wisconsin and (it's) very important that rental property owners have that resource for the proper forms to use, the proper laws to follow, and to make sure they're doing things as ethically and responsibly as they need to," Strittmater said.

"I think that hopefully today will be a great benefit to the landlords, and that together as a team we can we can really work to improve the properties in the city and the quality of life for everybody," Lisa Barrix, community service officer with the La Crosse Police Department.

Organizers say events like Saturday's create a positive impact for the city in the long run.

"It's not just more rules and to make their lives more difficult, it really is to encourage safety, it's to encourage health and it's just to make the city of La Crosse an even better place to live," Silha said.

For a city with so much rental opportunity, events like Saturday's could have a big impact on all of La Crosse's residents.

"It's not only a good event for all landlords but also tenants and other neighborhood association people, city leaders, so on and so forth," Tom Sweeney, a landlord in La Crosse, said.

The County Health Department said this is the first large collaboration they've done for landlords, but they're hoping to continue the idea because there was such a good turn out.

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