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Local man honored for saving co-worker's life

SPARTA, Wis.-- If one of your co-workers was having a heart attack, would you know what to do? A Northern Engraving employee did and CPR saved his co-worker's life.

Bob Meyer received an award from the American Red Cross for his quick-thinking. His CPR training saved the life of Brad Erickson who suffered a heart attack at the end of one work-day.

Brad's wife says his recovery is going well and they're thankful for Bob's heroic action. Bob says he's doesn't consider himself a hero.

He credits his Red Cross CPR training which kicked in when he needed it. "It was the ticket, that's what saved his life. I couldn't have done that without knowing what to do.  Training kicked in and it went as planned. There's no script to this. It worked," says Bob.

Bob says the real heroes are the first responders who quickly arrived after the 911 call. The man he saved, Brad, jokingly tells Bob he wants to beat him up for hurting his chest during CPR.

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