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Local elementary students build gardens at school

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A group of local elementary students will soon have their very own garden.

Cathedral Elementary School in La Crosse was given a grant by the Department of Instruction to start a garden at the school.

On Sunday, families came together to put the garden beds together and start the planting the seeds.

The idea for a garden came about as the parents and teachers were brain storming for ways to help kids learn how to eat healthy.

"There's a couple pieces that we want to bring home with the students and family. One, you can grow food and healthy food and it can happen in a school yard or your back yard there's some environmental stewardship and responsibility that we want to show students about healthy eating and ways to work with our environment," said volunteer garden coordinator Beth Piggush.


The school plans to hold a fundraiser once a year to raise money to maintain the gardens and pay for seeds.

Some of the seeds will also come from the La Crosse Public Library's newly started Seed Library.

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