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Local community members hold rememberance for rail accident victims

Memorial commemorates 47 people who died in Canadian accident

Rail Accident Rememberance

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Community members honored people killed in a rail accident last year in hopes of raising awareness of train safety in our area.

Citizens Acting for Rail Safety or C.A.R.S. organized the event at Central High School in La Crosse Thursday afternoon.

30 people attended the memorial which commemorated the deaths of 47 people from exploding oil tankers in Canada about a year ago.

"The reason we're remembering this is because these exact same trains are passing through 6-7 times a day in La Crosse, right now," said Richard Pein from C.A.R.S.

Numbers released this week by Wisconsin Emergency Management officials show 39 trains carrying more than a-million gallons of crude oil pass through La Crosse County each week.

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