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Lincoln middle school students hold annual world tour

LA CROSSE, - Some local middle school students didn't have to travel far to take in a variety of world cultures. They could see it all at the annual world tour at Lincoln Middle School in La Crosse.

Throughout the year, sixth graders have been researching different aspects of foreign culture. Things like food, economy, traditional dress, and art.

Thursday, they showed off what they found for their peers and the community. "We live in the USA and we want to know more about other countries," said Lincoln sixth grader Henry Kabat.


"They get to share what they've learned and it's not just through a paper and pencil, but they've created everything that's at their table and they take a lot of pride in that and they should be very proud because they have done a wonderful job," said sixth grade teacher Dawn Hubbard.

All of the "tourists" who went on the world tour were able to get recipe books featuring foods from this year and years past.

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