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Leadership speaker talks compassion at La Crosse middle schools

Leadership Speaker

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Compassion was a point of emphasis Tuesday for a leadership speaker in La Crosse.

The speaker brought a message of resilience, respect, and responsibility to all three La Crosse Middle Schools.

He's hoping the students take the message to heart and show even more compassion to one another. "When we're more aware that we have the capacity to do simple random acts of kindness and that's really on our radar, it's amazing that internal vibe we feel about our self and then when we feel better about ourself, there's that trickle down effect to everyone else," said speaker Craig Hilier.

The speaker also hosted a breakout session for student council leaders.

If you are looking for anti-bullying information, there are a number of resources available at a website News 8 helped create. Just head to www.thecompassionproject.me.

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