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Leaders: methane gas to energy project a success

ONALASKA, Wis. - La Crosse's Solid Waste leaders are excited about the progress they're making in converting methane gas to energy.

They presented an update to the county board Monday night on their project to help make Gundersen Health System energy independent by next year.

For the past year, methane gas has been piped from the landfill to Gundersen's Onalaska campus where it is turned into heat and electricity.

Solid Waste Department officials say they have already started to see positive results. "Now we've taken that gas and we've turned it into a product., and we've made over a hundred and seventy thousand dollars in income last year from a product we were just flaring off so that's an income to the county and so we are doing good by the citizens of La Crosse," La Crosse Co. Sustainability Coordinator Nick Nichols.


La Crosse Co. makes a profit of about a-quarter-of-a-million dollars by selling the methane gas to Gundersen, and in turn, Gundersen saves a quarter of a million on its electricity bill.

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