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Law enforcement, servers learn signs of intoxication

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - La Crosse is no stranger to binge drinking and the dangers that come along with it.

Law Enforcement, servers, and anyone else dealing with alcohol had a chance Monday to learn how to keep our community a little safer.

A national organization called TIPS or Training Intervention Procedures is teaching people in our area the signs of intoxication. They focus on things like specific behavioral clues.

After the training, the students are expected to become the teachers for the rest of the community. "Hopefully they'll have the tools to recognize the signs of someone becoming intoxicated before they get to that point," said La Crosse Police Officer Lisa Barrix.

"Basically, we try to help them build their confidences in their ability to actually intervene, when and wherever these situations might occur," said Master TIPS trainer Larry Moore.

The training continues Tuesday.


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