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Late winter means slow start for mosquitos

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The cold and snowy April is slowing the return of a common warm weather pest.

Mosquito season has been delayed. But that will change as the temperatures start to warm up.

A local expert says as soon as we get a consistent string of temperatures in the 70's, we'll see a rapid hatch of the bugs.

But there are things everyone can do to cut down the hatching population.


"Make sure there aren't tires, pails, or open boats that can collect water, things where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and hold water for a long time in kind of a relatively small pool and then hatch off," said La Crosse Co. Vector Control Manager Dave Geske.

Experts are guessing mosquitoes could be flying around our backyards within a month. They also say we're already seeing some tick activity.

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