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Lake Arbutus being refilled after dam repairs

Faulty water level controls needed fixing

Lake Arbutus Refill

HATFIELD, Wis. (WKBT) - Water levels are once again rising in Lake Arbutus in Jackson County.

Since February, the lake has been down six feet in order to repair faulty water level controls at the dam.

The controls were not able to withstand the extreme cold we had this winter.

In order for workers to access the dam safely, the water levels had to be drawn down.

Now that the repairs are finished, the refill is underway.

"North American Hydro has been working very diligently to fix the Crest Gates. They're redesigning the arms so that that failure will not happen again. And just on Sunday they finished the repairs," said Jackson Co. Emergency Management Coord. Kristina Page.

Lake Arbutus is now being refilled about a foot a day until normal water levels are reached.

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