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La Crosse's Emerson Elementary starts its own Compassion Project

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Some La Crosse elementary students are now giving each other a big pat on the back for random acts of kindness.

Emerson Elementary in La Crosse kicked off its own Compassion Project.

The kids can fill out slips when they see their peers being compassionate or showing empathy to one another. Those will be posted on a bulletin board in the school for everyone to see.

Teachers in the school are already able to recognize students for the behavior, and they're excited to see the kids do the same. "We believe this is a lifelong skill where they can recognize good things other people are doing, it goes beyond just their school years, it's something all of us can do," said Emerson 4th grade teacher Patrick Shay.

"A project like this where we point out compassion just really shows kids there is a lot of compassion and a lot of kindness and we need to look for it and see it and be doers," said Emerson social worker Alicia Place.

The staff was inspired by a News 8 special broadcast that aired in October called, "From Cruelty to Compassion: A Community Conversation."

They had our own Jennifer Livingston in school Friday to launch the project. She showed part of the special which you can find on a website we launched called http://www.thecompassionproject.me.

You can also find lots of other resources that deal with bullying on the website.

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