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La Crosse voters share top priorities

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The candidates for mayor of La Crosse have made neighborhood revitalization the No. 1 issue in their campaigns.

But does that line up with voters' priorities?

News 8 asked La Crosse residents who cast their ballots Tuesday what their biggest concern is.

"A lot of different issues, I think, but primarily revitalization of some of our neighborhoods, lowering the crime rates. I think both candidates talked about the need to cooperate downtown at city hall," said Darryl Jury.

"City budget," said Mike Boehm. "And I'm interested in how the next mayor is going to work with county government because I think a lot of the issues that we're facing are county-wide: poverty, jobs, things like that. I'm also interested in neighborhood revitalization."


La Crosse voter Marjorie Wheeler said she hopes the next mayor of La Crosse can make some changes to the city's roads.

"I hope he will be able to manage the money carefully that is available so he can fix the streets, which is one of my number one cares," said Wheeler.

Richard Renwick said he wants a mayor who will prevent urban sprawl by strengthening the city's downtown.

"I think that La Crosse needs to become a vibrant town rather than suffer the plight of a lot of cities where there's outward growth into suburbs without a core downtown," said Renwick.

Phil Addis said secure, stable neighborhoods are the key to a vibrant city.

"Neighborhoods are probably the most important thing. We have had a decline, an upswing, we've had a decline, an upswing. We have to stabilize our neighborhoods. It's very important to our residents. They have to feel they are safe, secure, and that they have good housing in our neighborhoods," said Addis.

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