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La Crosse using special water pumps to avoid flooding from rain

Pumps used when Mississippi River level higher than 10 feet

Avoiding Street Flooding

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - City of La Crosse crews are trying to avoid flooding from all of this rain.

They've set up about 5 special water pumps in the city, which come out whenever the Mississippi River level gets higher than 10 feet.

That's because certain pipes have to be closed off to the river otherwise the river water could run back onto the streets.

"So in that case, you almost have to close those out valves. If you didn't have those pumps sitting here, then if it rained, all of that water would sit on the street until essentially it would evaporate," said City of La Crosse Utilities Manager Mark Johnson.

There are another eight or ten pumps that could be deployed if the river level gets any higher.

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