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La Crosse to host 3rd Congressional District GOP Caucus in 2014

LA CROSSE, WI - La Crosse's GOP is kicking off the 2014 campaign season early with two big announcements. 

The party met on Saturday in it's new headquarters at the train station in La Crosse to announce it will host the 3rd Congressional District GOP Caucus in March.

Gov. Scott Walker and representatives from 18 counties throughout western Wisconsin will attend the meeting.

Members say the announcement shows the importance of La Crosse in next year's election.


"La Crosse has been overlooked by the Republican Party for a lot of years. That's why having a full-time headquarters here represents a big investment by our state party and truthfully there are a lot of unidentified voters in western Wisconsin," said Vice Chairman of the La Crosse County Republican Party Bill Feehan.

The other announcement came from La Crosse County's GOP chairman Julian Bradley about his duties within the Republican Party.

"I will be stepping down as chairman in January 2014 and Bill Feehan, my vice chairman, will step up, will finish out my term," said Bradley.

Bradley will focus on his statewide duties for the Republican Party and continue to work as the 3rd District vice chairman.

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