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La Crosse students harvest the fruits of their labor

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A group of local elementary students is getting a first hand look at where their food comes from.

Cathedral Elementary students in La Crosse harvested a garden they planted back in April.

The students picked fresh spinach, lettuce, and radishes from the garden while planting three other kinds of vegetables.

The idea for the garden came from parents and teachers to help students learn how to eat healthy. "The students seem to be really enjoying what they are doing so it's fun to have them outside to be active, to learn where there food comes from, to see they can do it at school, and that it's just a process that takes a little bit of time every week, but they have such a big reward at the end of it," said garden coordinator Beth Piggush.


The Department of Instruction gave the school a grant to start the garden.

The students hope to continue it into the next school year.

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