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La Crosse students get dose of "reality"

Reality Store Teaches Life Skills

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Students in the La Crosse School District got a reality check in balancing a budget.

Finance and economic students took part Tuesday in the district's "Reality Store" at Logan High School.

The event gives students hands-on experience in making and balancing a budget as an adult. 

Students pick an occupation and use the income they would make to prepare an annual budget. They then visit booths and vendors that require them to pay the bills.

Although the day is about budgeting, students say it taught them much more. "I think that it prepares students a lot before they go out to the real world. So I think it definitely gives you perspective on what life's going to be like," said student Akaya Jereczek.

More than 250 students took part in the event.

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